Commercial Real Estate Content Producer - West Coast

  • Event Production
  • Remote job

Commercial Real Estate Content Producer - West Coast

Job description

**This position will need to (at times) report into LA - need to be local. Otherwise, remote role.


  • Identify potential speakers & establish contact with said individuals; persistently recruit prospects using phone and email.
  • Educate potential speakers on why it makes sense to spend their time speaking at one of your events.
  • With your team, build from scratch and then manage the event experience. This involves researching out-of-the-box content ideas, recruiting and placing C-level executives on each conference, working side-by-side with sales to drive sponsorship and managing the event experience throughout the entire process.
  • Work with different departments at Bisnow to reach goals that can often be lofty. Bisnow is a sales-driven business and this role is one that requires an individual who can work with and support the sales team in achieving shared goals, no matter how ambitious they might be.
  • Utilize and establish contacts within the community to promote Bisnow and event attendance including partnerships with associations and local groups.
  • Diligently research CRE, programming ideas and top-notch speakers for your events.
  • Manage speaker relations and touchpoints - from the idea of the event to day-of execution.
  • Provide excellent service, support and communication to event speakers & sponsors.
  • Lead pre and post-event meetings by providing direction, guidance, and feedback to all involved.
  • Constantly look for innovative solutions to improve content and the attendee experience at your events.
  • Persistently brainstorm fresh and relevant topic ideas with your teams to adapt to trends within the industry.
  • Keep communication lines open through all departments on the status of events and projects.
  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with members of all other departments.
  • Manage multiple events in various stages of production. This requires you to be extremely organized, detailed and have good time management skills.

What Are The Benefits?

We will list some of the benefits but part of our culture is to embody humility. So hopefully, you like what you see and learn about the rest on your own and throughout the process.

  • We have a competitive compensation structure that rewards those who win, incredibly well.
  • Vacation is important and we want you to take it. We’re also not into bureaucracy so tracking vacation sounds insane. That’s why we decided to offer unlimited vacation.
  • Health, dental, vision, short term disability and 401k benefits are included for all our employees.
  • You’ll get to work with smart, passionate, driven, ambitious, kind, caring and mindful people and will rarely experience an overload of policies, bureaucracy or toxicity (the latter, we do not tolerate. Period.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Most companies wouldn’t dream to include drawbacks on a job description - but we know we’re not perfect and don’t pretend to be. So, here are the most common drawbacks voiced by people who did not find Bisnow to be a good fit.

  • “Lack of structure.”​ – We’ve gone from a handful of entrepreneurs to a company with 100 employees relatively quickly and our management team are mostly in their thirties which means we don’t have decades of experience. We’re figuring things out as we go, so if you’re someone who needs structure in place, we’re probably not the place for you but if you consider yourself an entrepreneur and want to help figure things out with a smart team of like-minded go-getters, this could be your dream career.
  • “Chaotic at times, Bisnow should put proper policies in place.”​ – Mario Andretti once said that if things seem under control, you’re probably not going fast enough. We don’t encourage chaos but we do see a healthy amount of it as a result of exciting growth and we’re also not big fans of bureaucracy and find the more policies we implement the more bureaucratic things become.
  • “Long hours, not a lot of time off, unlimited vacation means no vacation.”​ – We encourage taking long vacations and time off and we truly believe that those sorts of trips can lead to more productivity when people come back and feel more inspired by new ideas. We do work long hours and for some people, that’s not ideal. As entrepreneurs, we have to love what we do or else we wouldn’t be particularly good at it and when you love what you do, you don’t really separate work and play but rather integrate the two.


Expectations & Strengths

  • Detail-oriented and deadline-driven, with very strong project management and meticulous organizational skills.
  • Ability to manage, develop and launch multiple projects under time-sensitive deadlines.
  • Great teammate with strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Hands-on, roll up your sleeves worth ethic. Tenacity is expected.
  • The ability to establish and maintain relationships with key people in CRE.
  • Commitment to accuracy, quality, consistency and transparency.
  • Creativity and a healthy sense of humor.
  • Flexibility and the ability to handle situations creatively as well as jump into projects as needed and the initiative to notice a need and offer assistance where applicable.
  • Receptive to feedback and always open to constructive criticism.
  • Ability to work in a high-energy, fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated interested in commercial real estate.
  • Innate hustle, raw intelligence, infectious enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity.
  • Entrepreneurial and ambitious.
  • Never give up attitude. Positive mental state of mind and a strong desire to be challenged on a daily basis.

**Comp Structure $60k Base + Bonuses